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Toyota Axio Sony DSX-A410BT Dual Bluetooth Single Din Car Stereo installation. Be it a hands-free phone upgrade or tailored OEM audio/visual upgrades, we have the experience and full product range to carry out integrations with your OEM system.

Upgrading your car stereo is fantastic way to incorporate additional features and get a better looking car interface – not to mention, you’ll get a better sound quality and a more enjoyable driving experience. This decision isn’t as simple as you think, because there are so many options to choose from. Let us simplify the process then so that you’ll be a lot more confident when making your car stereo purchase.

Audio Sources

The first thing you should take notice of before investing in a car stereo is to ensure that it supports all sorts of playback formats. These days there are different types of formats into which audio files are encoded. The type of format decides the quality of audio file. While formats like MP3 and AAC offer conventional quality, other formats like ALAC, WAV and FLAC, etc. offer high-resolution, better sound quality. Therefore, make sure that the car stereo you choose supports all the playback formats. Also, make sure your car stereo accommodates all the different types of audio sources, be it CD/DVD, Radio, USB, AUX, Bluetooth, SD card, or Smartphone.

App and Smartphone Integration

Nowadays, every customer looks for a unit that can be integrated with their smartphone and can function in tandem with it. So it is important to make sure that the aftermarket stereo that you purchase has that feature. One of the biggest things lately is smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay and Android auto. This simplifies driving a great deal and allows you to manage your smartphone via the head unit easily for a seamless and safer driving experience. Pioneer was the first brand to launch this revolutionary technology in India and is now focusing on Wireless Apple CarPlay and Wireless Android Mirroring to take things to the next level.

Local Satellite and Radio

Many people love to listen to the radio while they drive. Radio is also a great source for getting quick news bites and staying up to date with the current affairs. Nowadays, the traditional radios are being fast replaced by digital radios. Not only do these radios offer a crisper sound quality but they also provide some pretty useful functions like the ability to play songs directly from your Spotify digital library, so that you can enjoy the music that is tailored to your taste without having to shift your focus from driving.

GPS Navigation

A GPS system allows you to focus on the road whenever you’re in a new area and you can navigate to your destination without having to stop at every street corner and asking a local for directions. Many aftermarket stereos come with integrated GPS systems but you don’t necessarily have to spend extra bucks for that. With the smartphone integration trend catching on, you can use GPS navigation on your car stereo via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Physical Dimensions and Controls

Market radios usually come in two standardized sizes – known as single din (2”x7”) and Car Stereo installation (4”x7”). Traditionally, the single din radios have buttons and a simplistic look and feel. Still, they can be packed full of features in terms of functionality and add-on capability. A double din, on the other hand, usually has the touch screen feature and supports functions like GPS, DVD playback and more.

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