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What To Consider When Upgrading Your Car Speakers and audio system

Size and Location

When in doubt, just remove and measure your existing speakers, then get something the same size or similar. There’s actually a lot of “slack” in many car speaker installs, and there’s also a variety of “standard” sizes that should work in many cars. Don’t forget about speaker depth; that’s often the most important measurement of all. Most of these items are best installed by a competent local shop.

Woofers and Tweeters

The days of asking one speaker to reproduce the whole range of music, like the old handheld AM radios did, are long over. Today’s car speakers specialize in one part of the musical spectrum. Tweeters handle the highest notes while woofers take care of the lower frequencies. More capable systems may have mid-range speakers, which fill in vocals, guitar, and other middle-of-the-road sounds, and subwoofers, which are responsible for that ultra-low “boom” you hear in cars next to you in traffic.

Source and Signal

Make sure that your speakers are powered by a conventional wire with positive and negative leads. In some cases, your car may use optical cable or a “common ground” wiring system; consult an expert if that’s the case.

Choosing Your Upgrade

If you’re not able to swap out all your speakers at once, which ones should you choose? Go big first! In other words, replace the largest speakers in your car before the smaller ones. The larger ones are tasked with making most of the noise in your cockpit, so an improvement will be more audible than if you swap out the tweeters in your car’s A-pillar, for example.

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