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MOBIUS III sound system installation kenya. Nothing beats a great combination of car sound output from your car stereo combination of kenwood underseat subwoofer ksc-pse8, kenwood kfc-s1676ex speakers and JVC cs-j420x tweeters installed in a MOBIUS III sound system.


This is also known as a head unit; this is the brains of an audio system that sits in the dash and has an interface that you can interact with. We have a wide array of newer receivers, referred to as infotainment systems because they provide useful information such as navigation details and vehicle status updates in addition to entertainment.


Car speakers are separated into categories based on the frequency of soundwaves that they produce. In order from highest to lowest frequency are tweeters, mid-range, and subwoofers. Tweeters are directional and usually placed in the dash, mid-range speakers are ambient and installed in the doors, and woofers produce deep bass and are placed behind the back seat in the trunk.


An equalizer is the most important piece of equipment in your audio system for optimizing sound quality. Depending on your setup, you can have either an external equalizer or one that is built into the receiver. It works by using different filters to accentuate or mask different tones as well as minimize distortion.


This component increases the amount of wattage that is sent to the speakers. This, in turn, increases the output of the speakers, which means louder music. The amount of amplification available is measured in gain, which is the ratio of output wattage to the input voltage. MOBIUS III sound system installation Kenya.

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