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Porsche Cayenne car sound system upgrade services available in in Kenya that will leave you wowed. Boundaries are constantly being pushed. We have a proven track record of using new materials and techniques to make your car audio system upgrade a worthwhile experience. It has enabled us to stay at the forefront of an ever-changing market.

Considering the amount of time we spent in our cars a week, it may be time to rethink your car audio system. Whether we’re listening to music while stuck in traffic, or turning up a playlist for a road trip, the best car audio systems can deliver a concert-like experience in the safety and comfort of your car cabin. Like a pair of  audiophile headphones, the best car audio systems these days can create an immersive cocoon of sound, whether you’re behind the wheel or seated in the backseat.

Should you base your car buying decision on the audio system available from the factory? Probably not. Could you, justifiably, allow it to affect your cross-shopping approach to buying a car? If music and audio quality are important to you, maybe. We say maybe because higher-end audio in cars tends to be voraciously different. That’s because a car is far from the ideal place to install a sound system. Due to things like lots of reflective glass, road noise, and minimal options for speaker placement, each system has to be tuned specifically for the vehicle to get the best out of the sound generated. Some systems do just that, while some upgrades replace the existing speaker and amp, add a speaker or two, and call it a day. Now, we know audio quality is highly subjective and tastes vary, but the bass and treble technical staff spends hours and hours behind the wheel testing out these various systems. Buy original sony, pioneer, kenwood, jbl among other reputable car sound equipment manufacturers at great discounted prices all across Kenya.

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