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Component MA Audio model MA65B Speakers

Key Features:

  • Maximum power of 340 W
  • 4 ohms
  • Quality aluminum bolt
  • Easily installation
  • Fiber component resistant plate
  • Frequency of 65-20000 Hz



The Component MA Audio model MA65B Speakers is one of the newly produced products designed by American brands. This brand has a variety of light and heavy subwoofers that are of good quality and good price for buying.

MA Audio MA65B component consists of six main parts, which include:

  • A pair of 6-inch size woofers, which are very suitable for providing bass and vocals, which we will talk about in front of the material.
  • A pair of dom tweeters with a crystal sound and a screen composed of silk fibers, which performs very well in high-frequency performance.
  • A pair of crossovers that separates and separates the signals of this set.

This product is placed in the category of passive components, and we only need a two-channel amplifier above 50 watts rms to set up this set.

What is the material and technical specifications of this product?

  • It has a maximum power of 340 W MAX and an instantaneous power of 80 W RMS
  • It has an impedance of 4 ohms and is made of a ferrite magnet and has a size of 11oz.
  • This Component MA Audio model MA65B Speakers has a quality aluminum bolt with a special design and is very attractive.
  • The MA65B component has an installation height of 50 mm, and due to its balanced size and installation height, it is easily installed in the door of all cars without any cutting work, it can be installed in the majority of Iranian and foreign cars.
  • The MA65B component has a resistant plate for performing bass frequencies with meat foam and a plate made of fiber (fibers and resin).
  • This mid-range has the ability to operate at a frequency of 65-20000 Hz and is recommended for normal systems that are interested in sound quality and resolution instead of high volume.

At the end of the day, if you are interested in better quality sound than Midrange and Super Tweeter, and you don’t intend to buy a subwoofer, or you have a light subwoofer, you can use the component.

Use MA65B, which is the best option for the price range.

We have tried to help you in the identification and purchase process by collecting complete technical and appearance information of the product, but you can contact our experts to receive more and more detailed information and advice through our official communication channels.

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