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Pioneer DEQ-S1000A Compact 4-channel car amplifier

  • 3 Pairs of 4-volt processed preamp outputs 
  • Digital signal processing control   
  • Compact 4-channel car amplifier  
  • 14 watts RMS x 4 at 4 ohms 
  • Controls include 31-band EQ 


Pioneer DEQ-S1000A Compact 4-channel car amplifier you can still improve the sound quality and fidelity of a standard car audio system with the addition of Pioneer’s DEQ-1000A 4-channel amplifier and digital sound processor. The amp can pump out 14 watts RMS to each front and rear speaker, so you’ll be able to hear your music clearly over road and wind noise.

Sound processing

In addition to giving you more volume, this amp/processor lets you adjust all the fine details of your music’s sound, using 31-band equalizers, high- and low-pass filters, time alignment, and more. You can even eliminate any peculiar factory EQ and time alignment settings, before applying your own sonic improvements.

Can stand alone with more power

The DEQ-1000A has speaker-level inputs for installing with a factory radio, as well as RCA inputs when using an aftermarket receiver. The processor features six high-level RCA preamp outputs, so you can add your own more powerful amplifiers to the mix. You can set these outputs to drive front and rear speakers with a sub, or for a 3-way system using tweeters, midrange drivers, and a sub.

Smartphone control

You control the processing using Pioneer’s Sound Tune app on your smartphone connected via USB. You can also stream music from your device into the system using this connection. The app is available for both Android and iPhones.

Product Specifications:

  • compact 4-channel car amplifier with digital signal processing
  • 14 watts RMS x 4 at 4 ohms (4-8 ohm stable per channel)
  • non-bridgeable
  • 3 pairs of 4-volt processed preamp outputs (Front/High, Rear/Mid, Subwoofer)
  • channels can be set for 2-way (front, rear, sub) or 3-way (network) operation
  • digital signal processing control by Pioneer Sound Tune app on your smartphone via USB connection
  • works with Android and iPhones
  • controls include 31-band EQ, time alignment, and special effects
  • source calibration (cancels factory time alignment & EQ)
  • preamp and speaker-level inputs
  • wiring and hardware not included with amplifier
  • 12-gauge power and ground leads recommended
  • fuse rating: 10A x 1
  • dimensions: 6-7/8″W x 1-5/8″H x 4″D

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