Pioneer pro Series TS-B400PRO 4″ 500W Bullet Tweeter

Key Features: 

  • 500W max (200W nominal)
  • Titanium diaphragm & aluminum die-cast chassis
  • Designed for high sensitivity & handling
  • Glass-imide voice coil bobbins
  • Conex dampers for improved bass response



Pump up the volume in your vehicle with this 4-inch Pioneer pro Series TS-B400PRO Car Tweeter. This Bullet Car Tweeter from Pioneer is designed specifically for those who want to ramp up the pressure levels in their car’s entertainment system. The brand’s PRO series line of speakers was created specifically with street enthusiasts in mind and features titanium diaphragms, backed by aggressive magnets that deliver a wide range of crisp, loud, and clear frequencies. This car tweeter is a subtle addition to any vehicle. Although small, this tweeter has a RMS Power of 200 watts and can deliver frequencies of up to 500 watts of power handling. Just install this compact tweeter into your vehicle and start taking advantage of some of the best sound outputs possible no matter where your car takes you.

The Pioneer pro Series TS-B400PRO Reference for Open Show series of speakers is designed specifically for those looking to produce some serious sound pressure levels. Inspired by Pioneer’s history of record-breaking SPL competition, the new P.R.O. series line of speakers is constructed with the street enthusiast in mind. With an emphasis on efficiency and power handling, the P.R.O. series lineup consists of bullet tweeters, mid bass drivers, and a subwoofer that can be mixed and matched to deliver impressive output, without requiring an impressive investment.

The Pioneer P.R.O. series TS-B400PRO bullet tweeters feature aluminum die-cast chassis with titanium diaphragms backed by aggressive magnets and motor assemblies to produce a wide range of crisp, loud, and clear frequencies with up to 500 watts of maximum power handling.

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