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A good-quality touch screen stereo will take your car’s sound system to the next level. Android Car Radio brings this to your Toyota Voxxy 2014/ Toyota Noah. Regardless of the vehicle type we always have a perfect car audio and visual system to suit your car entertainment needs. Call us for assistance and recommendations for your vehicle sound system.

When it comes to putting together a great sound system for your car, most people focus on speakers and subwoofers. Those components are definitely key in creating an envious, crisp, high-quality sound. However, let’s not overlook another high-tech must-have: a touch screen stereo receiver. A good-quality touch screen stereo will take your car’s sound system to the next level. They’re also super versatile, allowing you to control numerous car systems from the same screen. Some even come with rearview cameras and DVD players. Due to rapid advances in technology, touch screen stereos are getting more affordable and multifunctional. You don’t need to buy or lease a high-end foreign automobile to have a touch screen stereo. Check out our buyer’s guide below to find the perfect touch screen stereo.

Benefits of Touch Screen Car Stereos:

Stream music and play movies. You can control various aspects of your entertainment system with just your fingertips, such as changing a CD or playing a DVD or MP3 player. You can also stream music from a USB drive.

Use Bluetooth. In addition to using your fingers to access the controls, many of the best touch screen radios have Bluetooth capability. This enables you to play music from digital devices, make phone calls, and perform other tasks.

Operate it hands-free. If you frequently talk on your phone while driving, a touch screen stereo will enable you to do so hands-free. It’s much safer to make or take phone calls without fumbling for the buttons on your electronic device.

Appease all passengers. The best touch screen stereo will allow you to play one type of media or program in the front of your vehicle and another type in the back. For example, you may prefer to listen to classic rock while your kids watch a Disney movie. A touch screen car radio with dual-zone listening will enable you to do both.

See a big and bright display. Many older model stereos feature small digital numbers on a dimly lit screen. They are much harder to read compared to a modern touch screen car stereo. The best touch screen car stereo has a bright and colorful display that easily allows you to see and use the controls.

Drive safely. Touch screens are the safest and easiest way to operate a car stereo. Dials and push-button controls take a bit more concentration to operate, forcing your eyes off the road. Using a touch screen is much less distracting. Some brands even feature backup cameras.

Listen to HD radio. A touch screen radio will enable you to connect to local HD radio stations. These channels have better signals and better sound quality compared to regular radio stations.

Get more power. An aftermarket touch screen car radio usually packs more power than the stereo that comes standard with your vehicle. You don’t need to change your entire audio system to get a better sound.

Control your phone. The best touch screen stereo will allow you to download an app so you can control your phone through the stereo’s touch screen. The apps vary according to the manufacturer.

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